Holistic Nutritionist


Wanda Matijczak is the owner of Apples n Almonds, and a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, graduating from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. As a nutritionist, Wanda has helped many women take charge of their hormonal health, and now dedicates her practice to fertility and reproductive health.

Wanda is a former patient of Dr. Daya’s at Newlife, and her struggles with infertility, combined with a background in nutrition, was the inspiration behind her integrative and compassionate approach to fertility care. ¬†Wanda recognizes that each person is unique and specializes in exploring root causes of imbalances while developing personalized food and lifestyle programs to support and encourage optimal fertility.

Her natural fertility programs are available in 4-week or 12-week commitments, and focuses on nutrient-dense whole foods that naturally nourish the body, while educating clients on how diet and therapeutic foods affect their health, reproductive system, and emotional-wellbeing, and how nutrition can be used to restore confidence and reduce fertility-related stress.

Wanda welcomes this opportunity and is deeply passionate about helping couples bring healthy babies into the world so they can become the amazing parents they were destined to be.

For more information or to contact her please visit her website www.applesnalmonds.com

Please note: Her services are available at the Mississauga location.