Power of Hope program

Cancer is a reality for many young adults. Approximately 10,000 Canadians aged 20–44 are diagnosed with cancer every year.The good news is that approximately 80% survive. Methods of diagnosis and cancer treatments are constantly evolving and improving. As a result, many young Canadians are leading full lives after conquering cancer. Among this increasing number of survivors, the ability to have a family of their own is an integral element in the quality of their life.

NewLife Fertility Centre and Fertile Future have joined forces to help patients diagnosed with cancer preserve their fertility.

We have partnered with Fertile Future to provide hope for patients diagnosed with cancer and who do not have the means to fund their fertility preservation. Fertile Future is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping those who have been diagnosed with cancer to preserve their fertility.

NewLife Fertility will reduce its fees by up to 33% for those who are eligible for financial support as determined by Fertile Future’s Power of Hope program. The Power of Hope Cost Reduction Program is a financial assistance program for Canadian cancer patients who wish to pursue fertility preservation prior to undergoing cancer treatments. This partnership will allow NewLife Fertility Centre to extend its financial support to those who do not have the financial means.

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