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When should I make an appointment to see my doctor?

Patients are required to book an appointment (also called a “review”) with their physician after the completion of the Investigation Cycle so that a treatment plan can be formulated. After two to three cycles of the same treatment plan, patients are encouraged to see their physician for a review again.  After a failed or incomplete IVF or frozen embryo transfer cycle, patients must see the doctor.
It is important to see your physician once you are pregnant, after the 7 week ultrasound.  NewLife Fertility Centre encourages you to book a review any time that you feeling frustrated with your treatment plan, you want to discuss new or different treatment options, you are unhappy with any aspect of your care or if you have questions that cannot be answered by the nurse.


When should I call New life emergency pager number (289-242-1540)?

The emergency phone line is to be used in cases of medical emergencies, after hours, when the clinic is closed.  Calls are answered until 8:00pm. Severe pain, bleeding, or fever after a sono or dye test (HSG); increasing pain, bleeding , shortness of breath or fever after an egg retrieval or surgery are all reasons to immediately call the emergency line. If you run out of medications during an IVF cycle, you may call the emergency line also.

Please do not call the emergency line to make appointments, to return calls from the clinic, to discuss test results, or to request routine medications be called to your pharmacy. Please do not call the emergency line if you have spotting during early pregnancy. In these situations, you may call the nurse during business hours.

When calling the emergency line, you must leave a clear, concise message including your full name, reason for calling and your phone number. If the nurse deems your call to be an emergency, you will receive a call back with instructions from the nurse or physician. If it is not deemed to be an emergency, you will not receive a call back and will be expected to call during business hours to discuss your concern or question.


Many of our medications designed to help you develop eggs must be delivered by injection. Your nurse will demonstrate to you how to self inject. Should you need some support with this please click on the links below to watch a demonstration video.
Remember to choose by the type of medication you are injecting.




Do you have a complaint? Contact the patient Ombudsman 

At NewLife we care deeply about our patients and strive to improve our service. We wellcome comments and criticism . We have established a formal complaint process to address patient complaints and will make every effort to resolve them in a fair and equitable manner.

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