Ontario Government Rolls Out IVF Funding

On October 1st, Ontario Health Minister Dr. Eric Hoskins finally announced public funding for one round of in vitro fertilization(IVF). OHIP-funded IVF is expected to be implemented on December 2015 and will be available for all Ontarians provided that they qualify.

This is a much needed privilege being offered to Ontarians. At NewLife Fertility Centre, we do our best to help individuals and couples with their fertility issues and we know that going through fertility treatments in not just about the treatment itself. Fertility treatment puts stress on emotions, relationships with friends and family, career, and finances.

The current IVF funding program laid out is already a good start for all Ontarians suffering from infertility and this “upgrade” in our health coverage surely helps a lot in relieving fertility treatment stresses.


Photo From ShutterStock/CTVNews.ca

Here is the information that we currently have regarding the program:

  • This is available for women up to the age of 42
  • The program could fund an estimated 4,000 more people
  • The patient must be eligible for OHIP and must have a valid health card
  • It covers one-cycle of IVF per lifetime for all causes of infertility

We receive a lot of inquiries, through phone calls and email, regarding Ontario’s IVF program, and some of them asking for advise – Should I wait until December 2015 when the funding kicks in?

Every infertility case is different, thus we have a different approach for each of our patients. There are situations where waiting for a few more months could be detrimental especially if you have a poor ovarian reserve. And at the same time, IVF is just one type of fertility treatment. What if your fertility issue does not call for IVF? At NewLife Fertility Centre, we develop specific treatment plans for our patient based on a thorough assessment of the case.

If you want to read more about the news release from the provincial government, please click this link:
Improving Access to Fertility Treatments for Ontario Families