Previous Failures in ART

Previous Failures

What If I’ve already tried without Success?

Newlife Fertility Centre’s team of specialists produces one of the highest success rates in Canada.  Newlife has helped thousands of couples achieve their dream of having a child.   Many of our patients have undergone unsuccessful IVF cycles in other centres.
Newlife Fertility Centre incorporates innovative procedures in its treatment plans for the more “complex” patients including:

  • Highly individualized medication schedules for ovarian stimulation of women over 40, patients with slightly elevated FSH, and patients who are poor responders to fertility drugs.
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) for patients with significant male factor infertility or those who previously had low fertilization rates or fertilization failure.   Assisted hatching is offered in IVF procedures to assist with uterine implantation issues.
  •  Donor egg IVF program.  Altruistic donation may be from a family member or friend of the woman desiring a pregnancy or an anonymous donor to the clinic.
  • Assisting with gestational carrier IVF, when the woman desiring children has a uterine abnormality or a history of an inability to carry a developing fetus to term.

There are many interventions that can increase your chances of conceiving and delivering a baby.    You are encouraged to see the doctor for consultation to discuss your options.