Weight Management

Research has long shown a connection between obesity and infertility in women.  And it’s not just women that need to watch the scale. Recent research has shown that obesity can negatively impact male fertility as well, leading to lower sperm counts.

Watching your carbohydrate and junk food intake is also advisable. Research on women dealing with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) has shown that may improve their symptoms, even without weight loss. The lower-carb diet led to more regular menses and increased fertility potential.

Studies have also shown that being underweight could cause you have difficulty becoming pregnant. The main reason is women who are underweight may not ovulate or have a regular menstrual cycle because they do no have enough fat for proper hormonal balance. For some people who are underweight it can seem difficult to put on weight and keep it on.
Newlife Fertility Centre offers a certified dietician is available to offer assessment and advice to maximize your chances of success whether your issue you is being over or underweight.