Private Health Services Program

PayBright Financial Program

PayBright Financial Service is Canada’s leading provider of flexible, affordable payment plan options for healthcare treatments making it more affordable to Canadians. With their convenient payment plans, you can now get quality fertility treatments without any stress. Since 2009, they have helped over 35,000 Canadians with their health treatments.

How PayBright Works

  • Submit your application at NewLife location or through online portal
  • Provide your Identification Verification card and a void cheque
  • You will receive the outcome of your application instantly!
  • On approval of your application, please select how much money from your maximum approval limit you need

Financing at NewLife

All treatments, services, and products provided by NewLife can be fully financed using PayBright Advantage. You can finance any transaction over $300.

PayBright Advantage

  • No Down Payment
  • Instant Approval*
  • Renewable Credit Limits
  • High Acceptance
  • Affordable Monthly Payments
  • No Early Prepayment Penalty

Begin treatment today, with peace of mind knowing you have a flexible monthly payment plan.
Click here or call 905-896-7100 to learn more about PayBright Financial Program

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Private Health Services Program

Couples and individuals who are struggling with infertility face many challenges including invasive medical procedures, emotional setbacks, long wait times and a significant financial burden. Private Health Services Plan is as an alternative to financing and is available to business owners through following advisors

What Is Private Health Service Plan

A Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) is a Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) approved plan that is an effective way for businesses to convert all healthcare and dental expenses into a fully tax-deductible business expense. This tax strategy can result in significant savings for small businesses and large corporations.

For More Information regarding this program, please give us a call at 905-896-7100 and we will provide you the details about the requirements and eligibility.

Medical Financing

It’s quick and easy! The demand for medical and non-medical procedures and products financing and information is a niche that Medicard has determined and subsequently benchmarked through the Company’s recognition by over 10,000 medical, dental and veterinary offices across Canada.

Get the care you need or want now with Medicard’s Patient Financing Programs

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Private Healthcare Insurance

Not sure what your private health insurance covers? Navigating Your Insurer is a very useful tool for you to get to know your coverage. Click here to go to the website. In few steps you will have the confidence to talk to your health insurance provider about your fertility coverage.

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What is a health trust?

Revenue Canada federal legislation allows business owners to deduct virtually 100% of their dental/vision/medical expenses using a Health and WelfareTrust. All incorporated or self-employed business owners of any size and their active shareholders, employees and dependents can qualify. Followingare some companies that can help business owners establish a health trust:

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