Donor Sperm

Sperm donation is an essential way to have a baby for many people. Donor sperm is often used for single moms, same-sex couples, or in cases where the male does not want to risk passing on a hereditary disease. NewLife Fertility Centre provides donor sperm treatment for our Ontario patients. We’re proud to have the highest pregnancy success rate in Canada. Our team is committed to helping your family grow. We’re the first clinic to provide in-house genetic testing and screening and offer highly personalized treatments. Contact us today if you’re interested in learning more about our sperm donation process.

Sources of Donor Sperm

At NewLife Fertility, we accept Known Sperm Donors and donor sperm from regulated sperm banks. Patients considering sperm donation should know that thorough screening is carried out and documented on all donor sperm samples available through sperm banks, according to Canadian Federal Regulations. As part of the regulated guidelines, all donated sperm must be quarantined for a period of six months to ensure that the donor still screens negative for infectious diseases such as HIV after initial testing. When choosing sperm from a sperm bank, you will have the opportunity to select your own donor from available samples. As part of the sperm donation process, patients must meet with a reproductive counsellor, as does a Known Sperm Donor, when applicable.

After choosing a sperm donor, you are responsible for shipping the sperm samples to the Clinic to prepare for IUI or IVF treatment. We will combine the patient’s eggs with the donor sperm for IVF procedures and transfer the resulting embryos back into the patient’s uterus for implantation. For IUI, we insert the sperm directly into the patient’s uterus close to ovulation time to boost the fertilization of the egg.

Benefits of Sperm Donation

Using sperm donors to expand your family has many benefits. For hopeful parents in the LGBTQ community or with fertility issues, donor sperm is often the perfect choice to help grow your family. Testing of sperm donors is performed according to federal laws, ensuring the health of donor sperm from sperm banks. The donor has no legal rights to your child, so there are never any legal battles. Sperm donations enable couples to grow their families without restrictions using healthy sperm. Our caring team will walk you through the process of using a sperm donor to determine if it’s the best choice for your growing family.

  • Women in a same-sex partnership
  • Single women
  • Men whose sperm is unlikely to fertilize an egg
  • Men who produce little or no sperm
  • Men with a family history of genetic disease
  • Men with past vasectomy or testicular failure
  • Men undergoing treatment for cancer

NewLife Fertility Centre is a team of highly experienced fertility specialists that puts your needs first. We have the highest pregnancy success rate in Canada. If you’re thinking about using a sperm donor, we’ll help you through the process. We lead with compassion and experience to ensure you have an optimal experience with us. We use innovative treatment options, from medications to advanced procedures, to help you grow your family. We always offer affordable care options.

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NewLife Fertility Centre is ready to help you grow your family. If donor sperm or one of our other approaches is best for you, we’ll start the process as soon as possible. We customize our fertility treatments to meet your needs. Contact us today to get started with a consultation.

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