Many individuals who may not have otherwise been able to conceive due to male fertility factors or lack of a male partner can achieve their dream of becoming parents through donor sperm insemination.

What is donor sperm?

Donor sperm is a form of what’s called “third-party reproduction.” In this case, the third-party is the donor whose sperm is being used. Individuals or couples using donor sperm may choose to use sperm from either a known (family member of a friend) or anonymous donor. The vast majority (95%) use anonymous sperm from a sperm bank.

NewLife Fertility accepts donor sperm from several national certified sperm banks where donors are appropriately screened and the sperm is quarantined.

Who Should Consider This Option

  • Women in a same-sex partnership
  • Single women
  • Men whose sperm is unlikely to fertilize an egg
  • Men who produce little or no sperm
  • Men with a family history of genetic disease
  • Men with past vasectomy or testicular failure
  • Men undergoing treatment for cancer

Selecting A Sperm Donor

Sperm donors can be selected from the cryobank’s website. Sperm donors are anonymous, though some donors have consented to have their identity released to children conceived of their specimens when they reach the age of 21. Many donors provide a childhood picture. The donor database offers personal demographics (i.e., hair color, height, race, etc.), as well as essays written by the donor. In some cases, recipients can view if previous pregnancies have resulted from that donor’s sperm. While short profiles are open to the public, the extended profiles require a subscription.

In the case of a known/designated donor (i.e., a friend or family member), in accordance with Health Canada and the Processing and Distribution of Semen for Assisted Conception Regulations, certain requirements are mandatory before the donated sperm can be used. This includes an infertility workup as well as a 6-month quarantine of the sperm to screen for infectious diseases. Mount Sinai Fertility also requires a counseling consultation for all individuals undertaking third-party reproduction.

After Donor Selection

After the donor is selected and/or the quarantine period for a known donor has passed, the cryobank sends the frozen sperm sample(s) directly to us, where we will thaw the sperm and analyze it in our Andrology Laboratory. From there, individuals undergo intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle using the donated sperm.

STAGE 1 - Medical Consultation and follow-up
One of our fertility specialists will meet with you. The doctor will obtain a medical history, order tests including blood and ultrasound exams to evaluate your fertility potential. The doctor will go over the process of donor insemination.
STAGE 2 - Consultation with Health Psychologist
We require all of our patients who are using donor gametes (eggs, sperm, embryos) to meet with our health psychologist – or one of your choosing who is experienced in assisted reproduction. The purpose of this visit is to make patients aware of issues related to donor insemination as they pertain to the couple, the child and family members.
STAGE 3 - Consent for Treatment
There is no fee to you for this visit. Here you will meet your physician to review risks associated with donor insemination and you will consent for treatment.
STAGE 4 - Order Donor Sperm
You should only order donor sperm after all of the above steps have been taken, but you can start the process of selecting a donor at any time. There are two main companies that distribute donor sperm in Ontario. Contact them directly and they will tell you more about the process of selecting and ordering donor sperm. Canadian-compliant sperm distributors include: Outreach services1 (866) 785-4709 Can-Am Cryoservices1 (888) 245-3471
STAGE 5 - Start a treatment cycle
By this time, you will be quite familiar with NewLifeFertility Centre as it has been about 2 to 3 months since your initial appointment. Our nurses will guide you through the insemination cycle and will follow-up with you at the time of your pregnancy test results.

Please contact us if you would like to receive more information on this program or if you have been a patient at NewLife Fertility and are interested in sperm donation.