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Why Choose NewLife Fertility Centre

At NewLife our forte is treating difficult and complex cases, recurrent pregnancy cases, repeated IVF cycle failure and achieving high pregnancy success rates. We don’t select patients based on their chance of success but will provide an honest and open assessment of what will and will not work.

NewLife tailors each treatment to the individual needs of every patient in order to provide each patient with the very best chance of success. NewLife Fertility Centers have been producing high success rates above the national average throughout our time since opening in 2004.

NewLife Fertility Center's Mission


To provide patient-centered, effective, safe, and innovative reproductive care.

NewLife Fertility Center's Vision


To help people fulfill their dreams of a healthy family

NewLife Fertility Center's Values


Empowerment Respect/Compassion Equilty/Fairness Openness/Clearity, Integrity/Ethics Safety


NewLife Fertility Center's Fertility Treatment Resources

What are my chances with Assisted Reproductive Technology?
Click the link below to Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) Predictor Tool from the Society of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (SART):

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Patient Rights & Responsibilities By NewLife Fertility Center

Patient Rights and Responsibilities
At NewLife Fertility, we are committed to providing the best reproductive care in Canada. We believe that our patients are partners in the delivery of quality care…

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Cumulative clinical pregnancy rate refers to the success rate (clinical pregnancy) which result from all the eggs collected in one IVF cycle. Clinical pregnancy refers to a pregnancy that reaches the point it can be seen on ultrasound (i.e. 6-7 weeks gestational age and beyond).

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Empowerment / Respect/Compassion/Equilty/Fairness Openness/Clearity/ Integrity/Ethics/ Safety

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