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An Innovative Fertility Clinic in Toronto, ON

Learn About Fertility Treatment at NewLife Fertility Centre

NewLife Fertility Centre offers fertility clinic treatment for patients in the Toronto, ON area, including North York, Scarborough, and Etobicoke. Our location provides treatment options that include ovulation induction, in vitro fertilization, and comprehensive consultations to give honest assessments from our team of dedicated doctors of what will and will not work for each patient. Our convenient location offers access by TTC allowing the opportunity to receive state-of-the-art care for anyone who needs it. With affordable care and financial assistance plans available, we’re dedicated to providing a path for all to compassionate fertility treatment options.

Learn About Our Fertility Clinic Services in Toronto

We’ve dedicated our practice to helping those wondering how to get pregnant and provide solutions for adults who cannot have children. Every situation is unique, and we go to great lengths to fully understand each patients’ circumstances and challenges. Our goal is to formulate an individual plan based on medical history, physical condition, age, and more. Our fertility clinic treatments include:

Successful Ovulation Induction Treatment in Toronto

For women trying to get pregnant, focusing on ovulation calculators and pregnancy symptoms can make getting pregnant seem hopeless. However, at NewLife Fertility Centre, we provide hope when patients might feel like there is none at all. Ovulation Induction is usually one of the first treatments we recommend and is a very common solution for fertility issues. The use of medication stimulates ovulation to provide a more regular schedule and increase a woman’s chances of getting pregnant. Learn more about ovulation induction here and how it helps women with irregular ovulation or unexplained fertility issues.

Proven Success Rates by Professional Fertility Doctors

Since opening the doors of our first clinic in 2004, we’ve been dedicated to offering our patients the best experience possible. From the welcome you receive at the reception desk to the consultation with your doctor, every step of your treatment is guided by the goal of providing safe and effective reproductive care. Also, we specialize in treating difficult and complex cases and have no selection criteria for patients, and we don’t choose patients based on their potential success rate. We are proud to say that by operating an all-inclusive clinic that opens our doors to all patients, NewLife Fertility Centre has consistently produced high success rates above the national average year after year.

Schedule a Consultation with a Toronto Fertility Doctor

NewLife Fertility Centre in Toronto, ON is one of the top infertility centres in Canada. We’ve helped countless satisfied clients achieve the results they desire. We provide effective and innovative reproductive care in a safe and caring environment so that people can fulfill their dreams of having a family. We practice approved government-funded treatments and are committed to making IVF and fertility treatments of all kinds affordable. Contact us to schedule your consultation with our compassionate team of fertility doctors today.

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