Second Opinions

Considering a second opinion is quite important if you’ve already undergone failed cycles at other programs or have general doubts, questions, or concerns regarding your current fertility care.

At NewLife Fertility, we strive to give you a better understanding of your treatment options and to make a real difference in your future success.

If you have previously seen a doctor at another fertility center but feel uncomfortable or unsure with the advice or care you’ve received, we provide a second chance program, giving you the opportunity to receive comprehensive advice from our team.

A Quick Advice From Our Specialists

We understand that scheduling an appointment with a specialist isn’t always the very first thought you have when considering a second opinion. Sometimes you just need advice. Our online Patient consultation can help. Call us today, or email away if you need general advice or answers to specific questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time by phone at 905-896-7100 or via email by clicking here.


Many of our patients come to us after unsuccessful treatment elsewhere. Our doctors, nurse, admins, and financial coordinators all understand that a seamless transition of care is crucial. We’ll do most of the “heavy lifting” regarding medical records and other aspects of previous care so to ensure you remain focused on YOU.

A History Of Success

We have assisted in 50,000+ babies born since 2004

Comprehensive Analysis

We assess all your prior testing and treatments, beginning with an in-depth analysis and diagnosis of your infertility.

Innovative Treatments For Better Results

You’ll gain access to technologies to improve fertility success rates. Our genetic tests screen for abnormalities in your embryos and our incubators ensure optimal embryo health.

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