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Getting a Second Opinion on Your Fertility Issues

NewLife Fertility Clinic Offers Second Opinions in Ontario, CA

Fertility issues are important, so getting a second opinion is often a good idea. NewLife Fertility Clinic offers second opinions for infertility issues in Ontario, CA. Considering a second opinion is very important if you’ve already undergone failed cycles at other programs or have general questions, doubts, or concerns about your current fertility care. Our fertility clinic strives to give you a better understanding of your treatment options and your chances of getting pregnant to make a real difference in your future success. If you have previously seen a doctor at another fertility centre but feel unsure about or uncomfortable with the advice or care you’ve received, we provide a second chance program, giving you the opportunity to receive comprehensive advice from our team. Learn more about the value of a second opinion, and contact us to schedule an appointment.

Reasons for Getting a Second Opinion on Infertility 

No two fertility cases are alike, and fertility clinics don’t all approach cases the same way. There are many common reasons for getting a second opinion on your infertility issues, including:

  • Being Diagnosed by an OB-GYN or Primary Care Physician – The initial diagnosis of infertility often comes from a primary doctor or a gynaecologist. Common treatment recommendations include lifestyle changes and prescribing medicine to boost fertility. When these options don’t work for you, consulting a fertility clinic is the next step. Our team is up-to-date on the latest advances in reproductive technology and solely focuses on your fertility.
  • Undergoing Unsuccessful Treatment at Another Clinic – Not all fertility patients have instant success. If you haven’t had any success at another clinic, it may be time to get a second opinion. Protocols can vary from one clinic to the next, and sometimes going somewhere else is all you need. It’s certainly worth trying another fertility clinic if your current one is not able to assist you.
  • A Complicated Diagnosis – If you have or suspect you have a complicated diagnosis, you should seek a second opinion. Every diagnosis of infertility is unique. Sometimes there is no verifiable cause for infertility. In these cases, a new doctor may see or recognize something your previous physician missed or overlooked.
  • Alternative Options – Reproductive technology continues to evolve at a rapid clip. Some fertility clinics may not offer all the options that others do. NewLife Fertility Centre offers the latest and most cutting-edge treatment options for female and male infertility. We will explore all your options for getting pregnant.

Choosing a Quality Fertility Centre

Whether you’re making your first visit to a fertility centre or seeking a second opinion, quality matters. Be sure to take the following factors into consideration:

  • Comfort – Choosing a fertility clinic that allows you to feel comfortable and doesn’t rush you through the process is important. You need to feel listened to and have all your concerns addressed. Being comfortable may increase your chances of succeeding.
  • Success – Not all centres have the same pregnancy success rates, and they don’t all offer the same treatment options.
  • Experience – You’ll want a fertility centre that has experience, especially when seeking a second opinion. Experienced physicians will be able to narrow down your options and increase your odds of success.
  • Communication – Fertility treatments can be complicated, and communication is key. If your first clinic doesn’t satisfy your communications needs, you may want to seek another one.

Why choose Newlife Fertility Centre?

If you need a second opinion about your fertility options, choose NewLife Fertility Centre in Ontario, CA. Many of our patients come to us after unsuccessful treatment elsewhere. Our team understands that a seamless transition of care is crucial. We have assisted in more than 50,000 babies being born since 2004. We assess all your prior testing and treatments, starting with an in-depth analysis and diagnosis of your infertility. We offer innovative treatments for better results, and you’ll gain access to technologies to improve fertility success rates. Contact us today to make an appointment for a second opinion.

A Quick Advice From Our Specialists

We understand that scheduling an appointment with a specialist isn’t always the very first thought you have when considering a second opinion. Sometimes you just need advice. Our online Patient consultation can help. Call us today, or email away if you need general advice or answers to specific questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time by phone at 905-896-7100 or via email by clicking here.


Many of our patients come to us after unsuccessful treatment elsewhere. Our doctors, nurse, admins, and financial coordinators all understand that a seamless transition of care is crucial. We’ll do most of the “heavy lifting” regarding medical records and other aspects of previous care so to ensure you remain focused on YOU.

A History Of Success

We have assisted in 50,000+ babies born since 2004

Comprehensive Analysis

We assess all your prior testing and treatments, beginning with an in-depth analysis and diagnosis of your infertility.

Innovative Treatments For Better Results

You’ll gain access to technologies to improve fertility success rates. Our genetic tests screen for abnormalities in your embryos and our incubators ensure optimal embryo health.

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