Endometrial Receptivity Test


  • Using a small sample of endometrial tissue, the ERA® test establishes the best day for transferring the embryo.
  • The biopsy sample is easily and quickly taken by your gynecologist during your appointment.
  • The ERA will determine if the endometrium is receptive or not at the time of sampling, by analyzing 248 genes involved in endometrial receptivity.
  • ERA® testing can find your personalized window of implantation in case of displacement and will allow a personalized embryo transfer (pET).

Who should use the ERA® test?

The ERA® test is recommended for:

  • Patients who have suffered recurrent implantation failure with high-quality embryos.
  • 3 in every 10 patients have a displaced window of implantation.


  • When performing the embryo transfer in a personalized way, the chances of getting pregnant are increased after the assisted reproduction treatment.
  • The ERA® test resulted in a 73% pregnancy rate in patients with implantation failure.
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