Happy Client

Thank you for helping me get pregnant. I am eternally grateful to you.
I just wanted to email you to let you know about your amazing staff at the Brampton clinic. I would have sent this email even if I hadn’t been successful because I think staff like this is very rare. I would like to put out a special mention to Nurse Alexis who performed both my IUI and has answered countless questions over the years. She is patient, kind and has never been in a foul mood considering how busy the clinic is I appreciated her time to explain things to me and made sure I understood before I left.
Receptionist Duwarka who is such a pleasure to see in the mornings. This is a hard journey and most mornings I used to feel very defeated but her optimistic and friendly nature always gave me the boost I needed to go through with the appointment. From my observation, it seems she is also a jack of all trades and is always there to lend a helping hand to her coworkers.

The two lovely ladies in the blood drawing lab. I never caught their names but they are so lovely and kind and always made sure I was ok after drawing blood.
Last but not least the kind US techs. Especially the elderly one who wears a headscarf whose name I don’t know. She is patient, kind and never rushed or hurt me during the US which can be uncomfortable.
All these wonderful people made my experience less depressing and after leaving the clinic after my appointment I would always feel optimistic.

I have referred a lot of my friends and co-workers who struggle with infertility to your clinic because I frankly cannot say enough wonderful things about all of you.
Thank you!

Happy Client

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