N. K. and A. A.

Hello Dr Soliman,
I have been coming to the clinic from almost 6 months now. As other couples my husband and I are also struggling for baby. It had been hard journey for us so far since we are still not pregnant, but this journey had been little soothing because of your supporting staff. Dr Lee has been wonderful to me and kept me hopeful till today. I would also like to mention one of your techs Zaheera Bari, she is so efficient and fast at what she does. Usual ultrasound techs take 15 to 20 mins for ultrasound and she usually finished the process in 5 mins. It’s great for me since I have to go to work after my appointment. Just wanted to let you know how well your staff is taking care of patients.
Thanks for all the support in this hard journey of ours.

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