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Being diagnosed with cancer is one of the most devastating life events a person can face. Recently, advances in cancer treatment can lead to very high survival rates but treatments such as radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery may have life-altering implications. For women of reproductive age, cancer treatment may often lead to ovarian damage and premature menopause which can reduce or even eliminate the chance of having a baby.

The decision to preserve fertility in the face of cancer is difficult. Decisions regarding the timing of cancer treatment and disposition of the eggs or embryos are never easy and require the support and expertise of a wide range of health care specialists. Often doctors are focused on saving a patient’s life and are not used to thinking about preserving a patient’s fertility and the option is not discussed

Thanks to significant advances in reproductive medicine, there are technologies now available that can help to preserve fertility prior to undergoing cancer treatment.

At NewLife Fertility Centre, we offer both sperm and egg freezing prior to cancer treatment, to preserve fertility. If you have recently been diagnosed with cancer and are interested in pursuing this option, please make an appointment with one of our physicians right away.

Our team of experienced and compassionate health care professionals is focused on quickly providing you with the information you need so that you are fully informed of your fertility preservation options prior to cancer treatment.

We can assist with egg and embryo freezing, ovarian tissue freezing, ovarian transposition, egg donation, surrogacy, sperm banking, and sperm donation. Our program offers extremely reduced fees for IVF for oncology patients.

We offer a multidisciplinary approach that combines the expertise of reproductive endocrinologists who have sub-specialized in fertility preservation for cancer patients, a certified embryology lab staff with expertise in cryopreservation, specially-trained nurses, social workers, andrology expertise and a vast support team of caring administrative staff who can help you with other details including grants from the Fertile Future Charity and financing options.

Through education and counseling, we encourage you to actively make decisions about your fertility. We will support you through your journey to build your family.

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